Sr.No Particulars
1 Additional permissible activities for IFSC Banking Unit RBI 10-04-2017 Permissible_activities_for_IFSC_Banking_Units-_By_RBI.PDF
2 Analysis on GST Impact on SEZ supplies By MOON Group 22-07-2017 Birds_eye_view_on_changes_w.r_.t_SEZ_Supplies_.pdf
3 Docket for IFSC Unit approval For Capital Market Intermediaries 08-10-2016 BSE-_Docket_for_setting_up_IFSC_SEZ_unit.pdf
4 Draft AOA For Capital Market Intermediaries 08-10-2016 AOA.pdf
5 Draft MOA For Capital Market Intermediaries 08-10-2016 Draft_MOA.pdf
6 Exemption to Specified IFSC Private company –under section 462 of the Companies Act,2016 Ministry of Corporate Affairs 04-01-2017 MCA_Guidelines_and_exemptions_for_Private_Limited_companies.pdf
7 FAQ GIFT City GIFT City FAQs for IFSC units 08-10-2016 FAQ-GIFT-City-IFSC.pdf
8 Government of Gujarat order for Stamp duty exemption on Capital Market Transactions Revenue Department, Government of Gujarat 16-05-2016 Stamp_Duty_GR.pdf
9 GR- Ministry of Finance Government of India 01-03-2015 GR-_Ministry_of_Finance.pdf
10 Guidelines for participation/functioning of Eligible Foreign Investors (EFIs) and FPIs in International Financial Services Centre (IFSC) SEBI 04-01-2017 SEBI_Guidelines_for_FPIS.pdf
11 IFSC- Letter to DC office Government of Ministry of Commerce & industry Department of 08-04-2015 IFSC-_Letter_to_DC_office.pdf
12 Impact analysis on SEZ Amendment Rules by MOON SEZ Impact analysis on SEZ Amendment Rules by MOON SEZ 08-10-2018 SEZ_Amended_Rule-_Impact_Analysis_by_MOON_SEZ_(1).pdf
13 Inclusion of Equity Derivatives in IFSC SEBI 13-04-2017 SEBI_Circular_for_Equity_derivatives.pdf
14 IRDA Gazette Notification Gazette Notification issued by IRDA for IFSC Entities 08-10-2016 230E_Special_Economic_Zone_Rules_27032015-_Insurance.pdf
15 IRDA Guidelines for IFSC Insurance Regulatory and Developement Authority of India 06-04-2015 IRDA_Guidelines_for_IFSC.PDF
16 Master Directions- Direct Investment by Residents in Wholly Owned Subsidiary/Joint Venture Abroad Reserve Bank of India 01-01-2016 Master_direction_for_WOS_and_JV.PDF
17 MOON SEZ Analysis of SEBI Circular for EFIs and FPIs MOON SEZ Consultants Pvt. Ltd. 07-01-2017 Analysis_of_SEBI_Circular_regarding_EFI.pdf
18 New Application form for WoS/JV SEBI 13-04-2017 New_application_form_by_SEBI_for_WOS.pdf
19 Notification –Exemption to Specified IFSC Public company –under section 462 of the Companies Act,2016 Ministry of Corporate Affairs 04-01-2017 MCA_Guidelines_and_exemptions_for_Public_Companies_in_IFSC.pdf
20 Operative Guidelines for Stock Exchange and Clearing Corporation in IFSC SEBI 28-11-2016 Operative_Guidelines_by_SEBI_for_International_Exchange_and_Clearing_Corporation.pdf
21 Presentation on GST By Moon Group 22-07-2017 GST_India_Presentation-_Updated.pdf
22 RBI Guidelines for IFSC Reserve Bank of india 01-04-2015 RBI_Guidelines_for_IFSC(1).pdf
23 SEBI Guidelines for IFSC SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE BOARD OF INDIA 27-03-2015 SEBI_Guidelines_for_IFSC(2).pdf
24 SEBI Guidelines, 2015 Inclusion of commodity derivatives 17-03-2017 1458199534216-_SEBI_Circular_for_commodity.pdf
25 Seminar Presentation by MOON SEZ For Capital Market Intermediaries 08-10-2016 Presentation_for_capital_market_intermediaries_in_IFSC_-Final_updated.pdf