Service offerings for IFSC

  • IFSC Consultant (A business unit of MOON SEZ Consultants Pvt Ltd) is capable of providing following broad category of services to entities desirous of setting up operations in IFSC:

  • High level assessment of various Regulatory Authority guidelines w.r.t IFSC in specific context of client’s business parameters.

  • Advising on matters relating to advantages and disadvantages of IFSC w.r.t individual business requirement of client in line with IFSC guidelines from regulators and SEZ Act 2005

  • End to end solutions for obtaining approval from Regulatory authority w.r.t setting up operations in IFSC

  • Services for obtaining secondary approval from the office of Development commissioner for setting up SEZ unit for providing financial services as a part of IFSC based on Regulatory authority approval.

  • Ongoing assistance for ensuring statutory compliances, filings, periodic reporting to various authorities

  • Record management

  • End to end solutions to ensure comprehensive IFSC transitions (Mainly for entities already having presence in India)

  • Indirect tax advisory services w.r.t fiscal incentives available in IFSC