Why IFSC Consultants ?

  • IFSC Consultant being a business unit of MOON SEZ Consultants Pvt Ltd provides an unmatched experience and expertize in the field of Financial and SEZ Advisory services.

  • Being a leading player in the field of SEZ Consultancy services, MOON SEZ has been actively associated with various Government agencies on range of matters, which helps us better understand their perspective and can act as effective interface between entities desirous of setting up operations in IFSC at GIFT City SEZ and Regulatory authorities.

  • Since IFSC in India is proposed in a SEZ based structure at GIFT city, therefore all rules and regulations of SEZ Act 2005 and Rules, 2006 will be applied by default other that what is being prescribed by regulatory authorities such as RBI, SEBI, IRDA of India etc. In such a scenario MOON SEZ being an oldest and leading consultant in the field of SEZ consultancy services can effectively handle assignment for setting up operations in IFSC at GIFT city including obtaining approvals from all regulatory authorities while keeping a eye on compliance requirement of SEZ and other laws as well.

  • MOON SEZ through its PAN India network has assisted numerous companies and business entities including financial services companies in setting up operations in SEZ across India.